Mary Burke

Mary Burke lives in one of SHARE’s homes in Cork city and she says it’s now her home.

The Ardmore native didn’t always live in Cork. She was sent to boarding school in Clonmel and then moved to the UK to pursue a nursing career, which spanned 30 years. 

She worked in Harley Street, where she says she nursed ‘the high and the mighty’ such as Margaret Thatcher and the Queen Mother.

However, she wanted to return home when she retired, but finding suitable accommodation in Ireland was difficult. “I was looking for a decent flat everywhere, but the bathroom would be on one floor, the room two floors up, the curtains were filthy.” 

Luckily, she found SHARE accommodation and she now lives in the Dun Rís complex. “I was very pleased with it. Everything was done for me. It was painted and everything.”

“It’s great, we have our own garden on the ground floor and across from it is the big sitting room and dance room.

“I’m 17 years at SHARE, and it’s my home.”