Students Harness Aid for the Relief of the Elderly


SHARE provides supported independent living in their 140 comfortable and secure housing units across seven different locations which are overseen on an ongoing basis by SHARE personnel. The charity piloted a dementia outreach programme which sees vetted adult volunteers and students visiting people living with dementia. We also have up to 125 daycare centre clients, for whom they provide medical and social support services. Other social engagement actions regularly take place such as weekly visits between students and older people as well as activities in the day centre. One example is their annual Christmas party held in the centre on Sheares Street as a chance for people from different SHARE complexes to gather and celebrate Christmas.

As the key fundraising event of the year for SHARE, its results are vital as all contributions received  are directly used to support the running of SHARE each year.


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Stories of SHARE

Everyone in SHARE has a story to tell. Follow the link below to access some of these stories and gain an insight into how SHARE has affected the lives of so many people.